1. It's what the textbooks say ***NEW***
    05 Mar, 2019
    It's what the textbooks say ***NEW***
    Can we believe what our textbooks tell us? While school books both past and present have been widely critiqued as misleading, incomplete or in some cases, intentionally false,  most educators would agree that the messages textbooks contain carries a certain authority.. Because the books schools adopt as vehicles for conveying knowledge, ideas and ideologies have been selected as 'official' media for learning, they are  accepted uncritically as sources of 'factual' information as well as values,
  2. NEW online courses under development
    16 Nov, 2018
    NEW online courses under development
    Enough is enough.  Mass shootings, schools under attack, young lives ruined by cyberbullying and other forms of psychological and physical violence--at SLM, we believe that these terrifying trends can be reduced if not eliminated by creating safe, welcoming learning communities where all members are respected and valued. As part of its new BE THE CHANGE program for 2019, SLM is developing two new online professional development courses for teachers, administrators, and student support staff